Sunday, November 13, 2005

Customer Service

Yesterday I traveled to Ames, Iowa with my racquetball buddy (dare I say coach?) Tom, to see my alma mater, Iowa State University Cyclones,, play football (American) against the University of Colorado Buffalos.

If you missed Sportscenter let me inform you that the Cyclones won by a score of 30 to 16 over the Number 22 ranked Buffalos to secure a 7 and 3 record thus providing greater opportunities for a nice post-season bowl game.

Beyond this exciting game was the trip itself to Ames from the Twin Cities of Minnesota since Tom and I actually drove through the path of three tornados on the way to Ames and on the return trip but we did not have any concerns -- Iowa State's mascot name of "cyclones" was very appropriate given the weather we encountered.

One highlight of the game was the pre-game meal at Cy's Clubhouse where we met Karla who was responsible for ISU Dining Services. Despite the tornado warnings Karla and her team had returned the food to the tables. Their overall attitude was great and helped assure me that great customer service still exists in the world!!

Go Cyclones,



jdsqrd said...

The Cyclones are, like, my favorite team. Flippin' sweet.

Dicki said...

Where do I get in line for bowl tix?