Monday, November 07, 2005

Land Between Two Rivers

Forgive me Father for I have sinned, it has been four (4) days since my last posting :) Due to a combined football/family gathering in Iowa this past weekend I am now back online after a brief absence (sorry Golden Boy in Birmingham!!!) with several postings planned for this week.

I attended the Iowa State University (my alma mater) vs. Kansas State University football (that's American football not soccer my Euro-friends) game this past Saturday in Ames, Iowa - -- which resulted in a "W" for my Cyclones thus pushing them to a 6 and 3 record for the season with two game remaining. The Cyclones are now "bowl-eligible" so hopefully we will be selected for a post-season bowl game which would make for a nice break from winter for my fellow Iowans in addition to the probable cash payment to the team of $500,000 to nearly $700,000 I have to guess based on past bowl appearances.

Beyond the time I spent in Ames, Iowa I visited my home town where my mother is recovering from some medical challenges -- all is good for her now so thank God for faith and modern medical technology!! Perhaps some advice for my economic development and politician friends who love to "chase smokestacks" and cut ribbons --- do NOT over complicate the world. The free enterprise system thrives best with limited government that empowers people so please consider this very simple formula for quality of life:

1.) Keep taxes low and regulation to a minimum
2.) Focus government on VERY few functions and ensure government does these VERY well
3.) Government should NOT hinder the creation of infrastructure such as the creation of regional hospitals like the "jewel" in my home town which I am happy to promote to the outside world -- Key lesson here -- do not create higher tax brackets/wealth taxes on people like doctors which would make it even more difficult to keep qualified people in rural Iowa.

My take away from this "weekend of football and family" -- get out and enjoy life while you can.

Happy trails,


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