Thursday, November 03, 2005

kosher hate speech

NOTE: photo courtesy of a Google search for the term "frat boy"

November 3, 2005

Dear Washington Post Editors --

The "Washington Sketch" column by Dana Milbank, "The Life of the Party?", of November 3, 2005 contained the rather offensive, borderline hate speech phrase:

"And President Bush, a frat boy himself................."

As a proud member of a Greek letter society/social fraternity I am offended by the use of the term "frat boy" given its negative connotation which for me personally this phrase is equivalent to the "N word" which is not to be used in polite society. So in the interest of celebrating diversity and respect for minorities (Greek letter society members ARE a minority on college campuses) would you please encourage all Post writers to utilize alternative, positive phrases when referring to Greek membership such as -- fraternity brother, fraternity member, social fraternity alumni, Greek letter society member, or any combination of these words you find appropriate?

Should you need background information on the Greek system and its alumni involvement please utilize this website as a resource --

Your respect for our minority group is appreciated.

Fraternally yours,



BLT4ME said...

yeah, because frat boys do have such a long history of discrimination and oppression...............are you freakin' serious????

jdsqrd said...

This is how my dormie buddies put those journalism degrees to use.