Monday, November 28, 2005

Zuzu's Petals

I need to devote an entire posting to "band names" some day since there are some very creative ones out there including "Zuzu's Petals" which is a girl band - - from the 90's. Another favorite band name is the "House of Large Sizes" taken from a clothing store in Ames, Iowa but I digress :)

So what reminded me of this band name? I spent the Thanksgiving Day holiday visiting my relatives in Western Iowa including the City of Denison. Denison's claim to fame is that it is the childhood home of Donna Reed who played George Bailey's (ah, ah, uh, uh Jimmy Stewart) in one of my favorite films, "It's a Wonderful Life". Throughout my childhood we would visit my great-grandmother in Denison, Iowa for Christmas Eve who lived in the upper level of a converted duplex/mansion which shared a common staircase with the lowel level residents -- Donna Reed's parents. Thus we talked with her parents briefly each Christmas Eve for several years so "It's a Wonderful Life" will always have a special connection for me.

Overall the Thanksgiving Day holiday was very enjoyable since I was able to see relatives I haven't seen for a few years including a recently born second counsin, plenty of food was served, and of course I was able to watch some football!!

As for Zuzu's Petals we did not listen to any of their music but let me inform you as to the origin of their name if you don't know. In the famous scene from "It's a Wonderful Life" the young Bailey daughter -- Zuzu -- says "Everytime a bell rings, an angel ("Clarence" in the film) gets its wings" . Zuzu had several rose petals that she gave to her father which he finds later in the film to remind him of what he risked leaving behind in the world of the living.

Happy holidays,


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