Monday, February 20, 2006

Cuckoo for wild boar

Reporting in from the capital of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire -- Vienna, Austria.

I am visiting for a short business trip from my base in Brussels, Belgium so just a few reviews of the local amenities:

  • Hotel Imperial -- a very exceptional (and pricey) Starwood property in central Vienna, . The quality of the staff is impressive and the rooms are well appointed. Their health club is small but functional and modern so exercise and relax.
  • Restaurant Zum Kuckuck -- if your German is as limited as mine let me educate you by saying that "Kuckuck" means "cuckoo" clocks since the restaurant has several on all of its walls. On my rating scale of "1 to "5" I want to give Kuckuck a 5 due to the excellent customer service, the decor/ambiance, and the excellent menu items we enjoyed but Kuckuck is not a "5" since I rated "Elements at the Sanctuary" in Phoenix, Arizona (see the "Desert Delights" posting here) with a "5" so Kuckuck must settle with a "4.5" for overall experience. This restaurant is about a 10 minute walk from the Hotel Imperial through a very stylish and clean section of Vienna. My meal included -- a deer ham, wild boar sausage starter coupled with minced veal stuffed cabbage rolls with a side dish of asparagus wrapped with bacon (for more on bacon visit -- for my main followed by a chocolate torte and pastry with ice cream. A very excellent meal!!

So far Vienna has proved to be a very nice city to visit despite its imperial past of repressing its neighbors :)

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