Monday, February 20, 2006


Hello Cleveland!!

If you like music like me then you now have an urge to pop "Spinal Tap" into your DVD for some quality couch time but let me focus on another band I was reminded of today while reading USA Today on my flight to Vienna, Austria is "Presidents of the United States of America" ( who gave us the catchy tune, "Peaches."

This band name came to mind when I saw USA Today's "Snapshots" (Registered) entitled, "Favorite Commander in Chief: Most popular US President among kids" which included the following results:

Abraham Lincoln -- 23%
George Washington -- 15%
Franklin D. Roosevelt -- 9%
George W. Bush -- 8%
John F. Kennedy -- 8%

Now I could offer a wide range of observations regarding these results such as the absence of President Bill Clinton (a good result!) but I want to especially focus on what is a complete shame that I hope is corrected via greater school choice in our country. The one president clearly deserving of at least the Number 3 ranking on this list is President Ronald Reagan given his clear leadership in sending the Soviet "Evil Empire" Union to the landfill of history while avoiding nuclear war and massive war casualties at the same time. President Reagan's military buildup and deficit spending was a stake in the heart of Soviet expansionism and proved a much more effective foreign policy versus President Jimmy Carter's sterile policies of:

1.) Boycotting the Olympic Games
2.) Refusing to sell wheat to the Soviet Union

Granted President Reagan did not eliminate the two federal departments he promised us (Education and Energy) while actually creating a new department (Veterans Affairs) so yes government grew but the USA survived and the Soviet Union died -- not a bad trade off. Our next step in honoring President Reagan would be cutting the federal government at least by 50%.

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jdsqrd said...
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jdsqrd said...

"Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

hammerswing75 said...

I'm with you on Reagan, but I've really got to thank you for reminding me of the Presidents of the United States of America. They had slipped down the memory hole.