Thursday, August 31, 2006


Most everyone I have interacted with in my life has sought advice from friends, family, books, therapists, and perhaps a bottle or three of Jack Daniels. Okay, perhaps Don Trump does not ask for anyone's advice -- but in general humans seek the counsel of other people thus creating a market for advice columnists such as Dear Abby.

As a regular reader of Men's Health magazine I have really grown to like the advice column they have known as, "Jimmy the Bartender", because when I read it Jimmy's tone makes you feel like you are sitting in a bar actually talking with him given his strong imagery. You can find Jimmy as -- Jimmy's tag line on his page in the magazine is: "On women, work, and other stuff that screws up men's lives."

My own advice to Space Beagle readers -- consider Jimmy's column before you see a therapist. Not only will you save substantial sums of money but you will also have a few laughs!! As Readers' Digest always stated, "laughter is the best medicine", so belly up to Jimmy's bar/medicine cabinet and relax.

Yours for good health,


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