Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dutch Treat

The current weather in Minnesota leaves me confident that we will experience a very nice Indian Summer this autumn -- sadly I have to leave the Land of 10,000 lakes this week to attend a conference in Amsterdam focused on liberty/freedom hosted by the Reason Foundation, www.reason.org, based in California. The special guest speakers are the creators of the "South Park" cartoon/satire featured on Comedy Central along with their documentary :) -- "Team America: World Police".

My primary knowledge of Reason's work is in the field of "privitization" so I am interested in hearing more about what they do on public policy issues. However, I am most interested in seeing how the free market community (Reason in this case) utilizes a tool we have not embraced nearly enough -- comedy -- to make our point that freedom is good and most government programs are non-sense.

I plan to post throughout the conference this week to highlight key speakers and an overview of Amsterdam itself.

Chasing windmills,



jdsqrd said...

Oh, my god, they've killed Kenney. Those bastards.

Anonymous said...


Mitch Berg from "Shot in the Dark" and the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers here. Pardon the off-topic comment - but I can't find an email address.

We're having the MOB summer party on 9/9 at Keegan's in Minneapolis, and I want to make sure you get an invite.

If you think you can make it, drop a line at "northernallianceparty@hotmail.com" if you're interested. Love to meet you!

Mitch Berg