Thursday, August 10, 2006

Political Amnesia

"Our ignorance of history causes us to slander our own times."

Gustave Flaubert

Clearly how pure a person's political philosophy is apparently dependent on political party bosses -- at least in central Minnesota. To say I was stunned at this Associated Press article in today's Pioneer Press newspaper, "DFL asks Johnson challenger to quit" , is a complete understatement.

Background for my non-Minnesota readers and Minnesotans who don't follow politics (this posting might encourage you to avoid politics altogether I fear) --
  • DFL = Democratic Farmer Laborite Party = Democratic Party of Minnesota
  • State Senator Dean Johnson (Democrat) of Willmar, Minnesota is seeking re-election for another 4 year term to his senate seat in November but first he must win the September 12th primary election.
  • Senator Johnson is the Senate Majority Leader and is the Democratic Caucus Leader of course.
  • Senator Johnson WAS a Republican state senator six (6) years ago but is a Democrat today: January 12, 2000 Prominent state senator Dean Johnson of Willmar has joined the DFL party, after more than two decades as a Republican legislator. Johnson has often sparred with the Republican party over abortion, gay rights and other issues, and Republican leaders say they're not surprised by his switch.
  • Senator Johnson's opponent -- Michael Cruze -- has been asked by the Kandiyohi County DFL chairman, Sam Nelson, to end his primary election campaign against Johnson because apparently Cruze's name "shows up in local Republican Party records............."

Now this is an amazing case of political amnesia or denial of reality by Sam Nelson. Johnson's "conversion" (he is a Lutheran minister thus my religious reference) to the Democratic/DFL Party in 2000 was only 6 years ago so apparently Johnson (who LED the Republican Senators in the senate from 1992 to 1997) is completely in step with DFL policy positions today while Cruze is not??

Let me call on Mr. Nelson to consider a very CRAZY idea -- let the voters in the district decide between Johnson and Cruze. No election needs some party boss/king maker wanna be such as Sam Nelson giving candidates a litmus test. Since Cruze is legally qualified to be on the ballot let the primary election proceed with a "choice" for voters -- a fundamental concept that the Democrats pride themselves in defending but apparently "choice" should only apply to abortion and not political candidates or the K-12 education system.

Per my comments in my "Camera Whores" posting the Democratic Party primary election voters in Connecticut "chose" to defeat incumbent US Senator Joe Lieberman on August 8th in favor of political newcomer Ned Lamont (a newcomer just like Michael Cruze is in Minnesota). so why shouldn't Minnesota voters be able to exercise their own ballot choice? This election choice is what keeps the American democracy healthy but clearly Sam Nelson does not appreciate this concept.

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