Monday, January 29, 2007

American Idol

While using my housing association's gym last night I was talking with one of my neighbors who commented after seeing some 2008 presidential coverage on CNN that, "I am already sick of the campaigning for 2008 and can't wait for it to stop."

My immediate reply was, "hey just think of all the candidates running for president as another version of 'American Idol' with the caucus/primary process a way for the contestants to be eliminated." As a native Iowan I can assure readers that the Iowa caucus process is a better experience than listening to Simon Cowell's belittling of contestants.

Currently -- unless threatened by other states' decisions to move up their primary election dates -- the Iowa caucuses are set for January 14, 2008 so there is now less than 50 weeks before the first-in-the nation presidential caucus happens followed by the New Hampshire primary so they race is on!! You can track the action at:

Enjoy our free elections,



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