Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Private vs. Public Sector

While doing some work at the Iowa Legislature today (Jan. 10th) I stopped by the public information office to secure a copy of the new legislative directory of members. Let me be clear here, the public employees working in the office were VERY personable and helpful so no criticism of them but I was really struck when one of the employees told me, "our directory won't be published for about another month (Feb. 10th).......but you can buy the one published by the Iowa Bankers Association (IBA) which is already is actually pretty embarrassing how long we take to produce ours given how quickly the private sector (IBA) delivers their product.

Here is an idea --- why doesn't the State of Iowa quit publishing its legislative directory since the IBA clearly has built a better mouse trap? Clearly an opportunity here to save the taxpayers of Iowa some money. For more on government waste issues please see my friends at --

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