Monday, January 29, 2007

Jedi Knight Troop Surge

While attending the "Kansas Days" banquet this past weekend in Topeka, Kansas one of the speakers - Congressman Todd Tiahrt -- mentioned in his speech that while on a fact finding trip to Iraq he met a Major in the US Army that he had gone to high school with in Kansas. As it turns out this Major's unit was responsible for providing security for the dignitaries who periodically visit Iraq.

As I sat there listening to this story I was struck with the thought that instead of all the various dignitaries/politicians visiting Iraq -- which clearly consumes the time and effort of current soldiers -- perhaps Congress should cut off funding for these fact finding trips and spend the money on simply getting the job done in Iraq NOW so we can bring our troops home.

Priorities not press conferences,


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Lene said...

Wow Tood, you are actually expecting politicians to stop spending tax payer money on getting 30 seconds of airtime on national television? Some day when hell freezes over maybe!

This argument fits neatly into the "we will freeze all budgets on today's levels, except for the agencies we like" budget argument that might lead to a shut down of the federal government two weeks from now.

I wonder what facts they are looking for over there?

Thanks for being the voice of reason.