Friday, May 04, 2007

Football News

Given my love of football (the North American version not "soccer") two news items caught my eye today as I read four newspapers on my flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada today:

  • State of Virginia - while doing a walkabout in Richmond, Virginia to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown colony Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was given an American football by a young boy. I say "hooray" to this young lad!! Now we just need to have the Queen attend the 2008 Super Bowl to help promote the game throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Canadian Football League (CFL) -- I noticed an ad for the CFL's championship game, the Grey Cup, in today's newspaper. This year's Grey Cup is set for November 21 in Toronto so football fans can contact Tourism Toronto at +1 800 499 2514 for hotel packages. You have to love their game -- 3 downs and 15 yards for a first down thus forcing teams to really develop a passing game.

That's it for sports. Now that I have arrived at this free market academic conference in Halifax I will be posting my observations and news reviews so stay tuned for social commentary. Halifax itself seems to be thriving as a port city with a healthy downtown and very friendly customer service personnel.


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