Monday, May 28, 2007

Land of the Midnight Football

What a great, inter-connected world it is when I can be on vacation in Florida this week reading about a high school football team in Barrow, Alaska. Barrow High School's football team story was featured on ESPN which was watched by Cathy Parker - wife of a high school football coach in Jacksonville, Florida.

The story goes that in an effort to keep the boys of Barrow away from drugs, alcohol, and crime the local school district created a football team. This decision was opposed by many who thought the money would be better spent on teacher salaries. Now that the team has been created they need a decent field to play on so that is where Cathy Parker enters the story. She has launched, Project Alaska Turf, (, which is focused on raising the funds needed to build the field. Online donations are accepted on their website or you can send a check to:

Project Alaska
P.O. Box 600157
Jacksonville, Florida 32260-0157
+1 904.819.8341

I plan to donate myself to help the cause (although I told this project they should add team merchandise for sale to help raise additional funds) -- not only because I love football but because this is a great example of how rural communities like Barrow can benefit from private initiative versus government programs.

Good luck Whalers,


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