Friday, May 25, 2007

The Great American Pastime

Having heard perhaps the ultimate baseball fan (and conservative columnist/author) speak at a dinner event last week in St. Paul, Minnesota - George Will - this baseball story that I heard on Fox News today really struck me.

Not only is the sacred American pastime -- baseball -- under attack but the very concept of personal responsibility itself due to people like Jean Gonzales in Staten Island, New York. Being the OVER protective mother (or gold digger) that she is Ms. Gonzalez has filed a lawsuit against a little league baseball coach because her son, Martin (then age 12), was injured THREE YEARS AGO after he slid into second base during a baseball game. Ms. Gonzalez' lawsuit claims the coach had not properly taught Martin to slide.

Of course such a lawsuit should be thrown out of the court system the same day that it was filed if you ask me but this is the United States of Attorneys afterall so such rational thinking is not going to happen. Here are some thoughts and questions for Ms. Gonzalez to address and my readers to ponder:

  • Why the three year delay Ms. Gonzalez? Did you miss a few mortgage payments so you need cash?
  • What exactly happened to Martin due to the sliding which is merely described by media accounts as -- "serious bodily injury that required multiple surgeries and caused "permanent scarring and disability" ?
  • Is Martin playing any sports today?
  • If Ms. Gonzalez has such an extensive understanding of proper baseball coaching techniques why didn't she simply coach Martin on how to slide at their family home or in the local park?
  • How has Martin been treated by his fellow classmates/team mates after they heard about this lawsuit?
  • Didn't any other players on Martin's team help develop his sliding skills? Personally I learned how to slide (although never as good as he did) from my home town friend, Daron Salmon, who definitely had better technique than any coach I had in my 8 or 9 years of playing baseball.
  • If anyone out there thinks there IS a role for government with Ms. Gonzalez' complaint perhaps one option that should be considered is calling on the New York State Office of Children and Family Services ( to remove Martin from Ms. Gonzalez' custody. Why such an extreme measure? -- simply because Ms. Gonzalez has failed to teach her own child, Martin, to take personal responsibility for his life choices (like deciding to play baseball).
  • If Martin needed additional coaching why didn't the concerned mother, Ms. Gonzalez, spend a little extra money by sending Martin to a baseball sports camp to develop his skills? Assuming this lawsuit is successful I can see the New York Legislature allocating "baseball skills camp" grants to help the needy.

This is a sad day for baseball, personal liberty, and the American legal system. Whatever happened to the old sports phrase -- "walk it off" -- regarding injuries? If Martin's injuries are more serious than some raspberries and maybe a broken foot then he has my sympathy and my willingness to help pay for medical bills but please Martin - convince your mother to drop this lawsuit since the injury to your dignity will be far worse than a few scraps and burns.

Good luck in your future life as an adult Martin Gonzalez since you will surely need it since you are a victim of mother hen parenting.


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