Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Super Bowl 2030

Clearly American football has evolved into a twelve month game given the constant media coverage beyond the August (pre-season) to February (Super Bowl) time frame. As evidence I will cite today's sports page which reported that the National Football League (NFL) owners recently voted to host the 2011 Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas at the new $1 billion home of the Dallas Cowboys.

This is no surprise since this new stadium will be a showcase plus Cowboys' owner, Jerry Jones, is a major influence within the NFL. The stadium itself will seat 80,000 people but will be expandable to 100,000. I find the planned capacity interesting because at least two college teams -- University of Michigan and Ohio State University -- already have stadiums with capacity OVER 100,000 people. Attending a game at Michigan is on my "life list" so I can experience one of the highlights in American football.

As a service to my readers (both of you!!) here is the upcoming Super Bowl ( schedule:

2008 -- Phoenix (Glendale actually), Arizona
2009 -- Tampa Bay, Florida
2010 -- Miami, Florida
2011 -- Arlington, Texas

Miami holds the NFL record for hosting the most Super Bowls at ten games. Granted the February time frame for the Super Bowl limits the list of potential venues for the NFL to consider due to the winter weather but I am surprised that the NFL has not chosen a California location recently and/or used its leverage to have a domed/retractable roof stadium built in the New York City area.

My personal prediction -- Super Bowl 2030 will be hosted in Havana, Cuba!! By then the Castro brothers will be six feet under leaving Cuba to become a commonwealth or even a state of the USA. Given the economic and political power of the Cuban-American community in Miami such a scenario is not impossible.

Enjoy the game,



Anonymous said...

Other stadiums with 100+ capacity include Neyland Stadium (Tennessee) and Beaver Stadium (Penn State).

If you go to the Big House, make sure you also visit Ohio Stadium. Script Ohio. Hang on Sloppy and O-H-I-O.

Todd said...

Thanks - I am surprised I overlooked Penn State and did not realize Tennessee was that large. If I hear "Rocky Top" ever again I will have to cut my wrists since I attended the Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Arizona in 1999 which had nearly 4 hours of Tennessee fans singing that damn song ;)