Friday, May 25, 2007


On May 25, 1977 I wasn't even eleven years old but I knew that I wanted to be a Jedi Knight when I graduated from college ;-) This date of course (today) marks the 30th anniversary of the first Star Wars film by George Lucas. The impact of the Star Wars films (the original ones that people like me grew up with -- episodes 4,5, and 6 in the 9 part series) was amazing. Even thirty years later I must admit I get a chill when I here the theme music play!!

Of course the "good guys" of Star Wars were the Jedi Knights -- those who felt the "Force" and knew how to use it. While living in London, United Kingdom in 2003 I read an article reading a population census that was conducted in the United Kingdom. For the question that asked residents, "what is your religion?", something like 4% of the population cited, "Jedi Knight", so truly this film had a global impact.

Sadly, my fond childhood memories were shattered today while I was purchasing my supply of "Forever Stamps" at my local US Post Office. Right there in the lobby staring at me was a cardboard cut out featuring the main Star Wars characters with the caption, "May the Stamps be With You!!!"

How sad that my childhood heroes (and my first crush - Princess Leia!!) are now involved in a co-marketing agreement with the US Post Office which like the Empire that the Jedi fought is an evil monopoly that should be replaced with freedom and personal liberty.
May the Force bring us Competition,

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