Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't Shoot the Messenger

The Ron Paul Message in three points. First - "I don't want to run your life." Second - "I don't want to run the economy. People run the economy in a free society." And third - "I don't want to run the world."
Brian Doherty, Reason Magazine ( , February 2008
Just in case readers don't know who he is "Ron Paul" is a US Congressman from Texas who is running for the Republican Party nomination for President of the USA in this year's election. However at one time Dr. Paul (he is an medical doctor) was the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate.
At this point in the election I do not officially support any of the presidential candidates but after reviewing policy statements on campaign websites I must say I most closely identify with Dr. Paul's agenda to expand freedom by reducing government in the USA. Today he is my best option philosophically especially since my beloved "Free Soil Party" (check your history books!!) is not fielding a candidate this year :-)
Unfortunately as was evident in the Republican Party candidate debate in South Carolina this week Dr. Paul is perhaps not the best messenger for the libertarian/"leave us alone" coalition views that I personally hold. Regardless of public perception, media coverage, etc. Dr. Paul needs to keep running for president to serve as the necessary pressure to force the leading Republican candidates to address the issues he raises in the campaign which have as a common denominator -- GOVERNMENT TAKES TOO MUCH OF OUR MONEY!
A simple message with a simple messenger who was not shaped by focus groups and polling results.
Run Ron Run,

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Douglas said...

Ron Paul has failed to repudiate his neo-Nazi supporters, and failed to be responsible for the materials published in his name in the past. And it doesn't help that his supporters are internet poll spammers.