Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Straight Talk on Economic Stimulus Measures

Well shouldn't we tax slaves be happy -- the US Government is going to send us "economic stimulus" checks for anywhere from $300 to $1800. This is NOT economic stimulus at all -- it is merely an increase of our allowance from our parent with the government treating us like a 15 year old!!

I would much prefer having all personal income taxes eliminated - now that would be an economic stimulus for my family.

I was reminded of this check scheme while watching MSNBC's coverage of the Florida primary election today (the primary is set for January 29th) when US Senator John McCain - in an overture to Florida's Cuban-American community - said that as president he would not send (trade with?) resources to a Cuban government led by Raul Castro assuming Fidel never returns as president. Something along those lines but if I am mistaken I hope readers clarify his statement for me.

Now here is the sad reality - as Senator McCain panders to the Cuban-Americans he misses the huge opportunity for REAL economic stimulus. The USA should drop its trade embargo against Cuba!!! Now that would stimulate economic activity not only in Florida but also in my little (population 2,600) home town of Ida Grove, Iowa which is home to Midwest Industries -- one of the world's leaders in producing boat trailers and docking systems. Just think of all the beaches in Cuba that need marinas :-)

No a $300 check is not going to create one job in the USA but a free trade agreement with Cuba would create thousands of jobs (aka "new taxpayers" to politicians).

Senator McCain prides himself on "straight talk" with voters but on the merits of US trade with Cuba he chose to be influenced by the ballot box not the long term economic benefit to American workers.


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