Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my!!

At a time when family and friends were spending time together on Christmas Day Mr. Carlos Sousa, Jr. was touring the San Francisco Zoo. Sadly his life ended that day when he was attacked by a four year old tiger named Tatiana:

Personally I have always enjoyed zoos and believe they serve a worthy educational function since they provide visitors with insights on the world beyond their neighborhood. Now this attack was tragic and is still part of an ongoing investigation -- plus a lawsuit of course! -- so perhaps more details will become known regarding how something like this could happen. Yes perhaps Mr. Sousa and his friends did something wrong to provoke the attack but I trust the investigation will explore such a scenario.

Let me depart from Mr. Sousa's tragic end for a moment to focus on the other zoo visitors that day. I could not help but consider what I would have done if my family was visiting this zoo (or our Minnesota Zoo) where we would be a potential victim in a similar attack. Why should my family have to rely on the security measures taken by the zoo (which are being questioned in the lawsuit I heard about) versus allowing me to carry defensive weapons such as a firearm or taser?

San Francisco has historically been a leader in gun control measures thus leaving law abiding essentially unarmed and unable to defend themselves in such situations like this tiger attack. Beyond my gun control critique I would also note that this attack is a great reminder that our modern, urban world is still subject to the law of the jungle as humans interact with the lesser animals.

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