Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Go Ospreys!!

During the New Years Day holiday this week I enjoyed some couch time watching the college football bowl games. I especially enjoyed the Rose Bowl where the University of Southern California showed the national audience that they are clearly one of the top teams in the country given their dominance of the University of Illinois. The final bowl games will be completed with the mythical "national championship" game on January 7th between Ohio State University and Louisiana State University -- go Buckeyes!!

The soon to be ended college football season coupled with the fact that the National Football League regular season has ended with playoffs and the Super Bowl on the way means that the American football season is drawing to a close. So my focus is rapidly moving to college basketball so in this posting I want to promote my favorite team (after my alma mater Iowa State University of course) -- the University of North Florida Ospreys in Jacksonville, Florida.


Coach Matt Kilcullen and I have been in touch for a couple years now since I contacted his office with my initial "Go Ospreys" posting stating that I love underdogs so I plan to cheer for them because the "Sagarin Power Rankings" in the USA Today newspaper rated the Ospreys dead last (about #247 if I remember correctly) a few years ago for the college basketball pre-season rankings.

I encourage readers to follow the Ospreys this season via their website at -

Unfortunately the Ospreys lost recently to Notre Dame University which of course I always cheer against in football so I took this loss personally!! It is difficult to overcome Catholic Youth Organization basketball programs Coach Kilcullen - a great farm team for the Fighting Irish. :-)

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