Tuesday, January 29, 2008


When you hear the word "dynasty" you might think of the Ming Dynasty or if you are like me -- Krystal Carrington of "Dynasty" television show fame. (PHOTO - Source: ShoulderPads.net)
However today I want to focus on political dynasties in the USA namely the Bush, Clinton, and Kennedy dynasties since today is the hugely important - for Mayor Rudy Giuliani especially - Florida primary election. The huge political news this week is that current godfather of the Kennedy clan -- US Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts has endorsed his Senate colleague -- Barack Obama of Illinois for President of the USA instead of Kennedy's other Senate colleague from New York - Hillary (Billary) Clinton.
Yes this is huge news as one political dynasty - Kennedy - uses its star power to stop another dynasty from beginning -- the Clinton family.
No I am not an Obama supporter (though I have great respect for his big name supporter - Oprah Winfrey - to the point that instead of endorsing Obama for President I think she should run for the office herself) but I am very glad that Senator Kennedy simply endorsed Obama and did not offer to give him a ride home after the election night celebration party :-)
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