Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Geography of Death

While leading his people on their migration west from Illinois to Utah, Mr. Brigham Young announced on 24 July 1847, upon seeing the Great Salt Lake Valley of Utah: "It is enough, this is the right place, drive on."

Granted the Mormans left Illinois due to violence caused by intolerance of their religious beliefs but nearly 160 years later I have to believe the Mormans would leave Illinois for a completely different reason -- ILLINOIS IS THE WORST STATE IN THE USA FOR SOMEONE TO DIE.

In a Special Report for Forbes Magazine Matthew Herper and Aude Lagorce, http://www.forbes.com, all 50 US States and Washington D.C. based on the following criteria to determine the best place for someone to die in terms of financial impact:

  • health care quality
  • hospice care
  • legal protection
  • estate taxes
  • other factors
The Top Ten Places to Die (in the USA):

1 Utah
2 Oregon
3 Delaware
4 Colorado
5 Hawaii
6 New Hampshire
7 Iowa
8 North Dakota
9 Vermont
10 Montana
#50 Illinois -- so can you blame the Mormans for leaving!!!??
#51 Washington DC

Indeed I spent a few years in DC myself and having seen this report I better understand why so many people in the area choose to live in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. For those politicians and career bureaucrats in DC you might find my Minnesota friend's (Vince Flynn at http://www.vinceflynn.com/) book, Term Limits, an interesting read :)

Let me close with lyrics from George Strait -- ".........I ain't never seen a hearse with a luggage rack.................."


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