Sunday, October 02, 2005

On leaving Thailand

My conference in Phuket, Thailand has closed so I am headed back to the USA today after a brief tour of Phuket Town.

My overall impression of Thailand is a very positive one. The beaches are beautiful, the people are extremely personable, and the food is not only tasty but medicinal of course!! The Thai Prime Minister is a very "hands on" manager it appears but on newspaper articles I read including his plans to:

1.) Call local police chiefs to check on the progress on reforming their operations and improving relations with citizens, and

2.) Giving cows to farmers -- a better idea might be to teach them how to use lap top computers to help them transition to the Knowledge-based economy and most likely reduce the de-forestation in the north of the country which is blamed for flash floods and erosion.

Well, I need to run to catch my local bus into town so watch for future posts once I land.



Anonymous said...

Looking into the progress of local police activities...perhaps a more concerted effort could be done in our local area. That means, the southern suburbs. Did you know, that a person convicted of DWI, must drive with a special license plate on their car...Whiskey Plates, to signify to every police officer, every citizen, that this person is a danger to society, and a police officer can stop that vehicle any time they wish, with no cause for stop, excuse me, did we move to Russia??

Better yet, a person convicted of DWI, must be flagged with a special license plate, indicating DANGER TO SOCIETY, all citizens on the road, WATCH OUT, but a convicted rapist does not have too. A CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTOR does not have to. I would like to know if a convicted child molestor is driving through a park, or school parking lot, but apparently MAD seems to think two glasses of wine is more important. If a female is raped, their rapist uses their vehicle to find them, but apparently MAD thinks a female being raped is less important then two glasses of wine. So why doesn't MAD go whine some more. It is fairness, if a DWI person must endure this, a rapist or child molestor should endure something far more. But that is a dirty little secret, the state is unwilling to address, plus it costs the state only money, where with DWI, it's all about profits, seizing cars, fines, fees, they make money. Take a close look at your local police, Lakeville has many that are worth investigation, why do you think DWI is harder pushed in Lakeville, despite the fact that Lakeville is reported as the Meth capital of the states.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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jdsqrd said...

On a much less serious note, is this place in Thailand also referenced in the last line in the lymeric beginning with "There once was a man from Nantucket"?

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. Every DUI drunk drug/crack head should be branded as such, a danger to society. I would rather know that a drunk/crack head (most likely a repeat drunk) lives up the street from me than even a convicted sex offender. Why? The convicted sex offender recieved intensive treatement and has the lowest recividism rate of any felon. Drunks and druggies have the highest rate of reoffence, despite treatment because they CANNOT BE CURED. Plus, they KILL people by their poor choices. Think about that when Joe sixpack gets into his 6000 lb SUV and plows into your kids playing outside after a few beers. Get your facts straight before you post such fanatical rubbish.