Monday, October 31, 2005

Ron's Best Friend

While I don't have a pet myself I do like animals especially my brother's two black labs -- Willie and Waylon -- who live in Iowa. Sadly, another favorite black lab died on October 26, 2005 named "Raven" who was Mr. Ron Schara's side kick on the television program "Minnesota Bound",, which focuses on introducing viewers to Minnesota's great outdoors. This program has been running since 1994 and airs on Sunday evenings on KARE-11 TV so it is a great way to end the weekend before the Monday morning routine kicks off another work week!

"Minnesota Bound" also appears on -- ESPN2 ("the deuce"), Outdoor Life Network, and Outdoors Channel so I hope you can watch it in the future to help plan future adventures.

Finally for my friends out there interested in canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in September 2006,, please let me know since I have to reserve with my outfitter in December 2005 to secure a discount on the trip.

Off to the woods,


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