Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Technology used for "Intensive Care"

After spending nearly three years living in London, England I was exposed to several musicians who do not have a major market presence in the USA such as the Sugar Babes and Robbie Williams. As a cheerleader for international trade I tried to export Robbie to the USA via a Christmas gift in 2003 to my little brother, Troy, but to completely fabricate a quote from him he stated, "He is not a British version of Willie Nelson................" (hey, you know I like Willie's "Beer for my horses" song !) . Alas, Robbie isn't going to dominate "fly over" country (see the posting on this blog - "Our Revenues we Prize and our Tax Rates we will Maintain") anytime soon.

News reports this week regarding Robbie's new album release -- "Intensive Care" -- caught my attention not just because I like his music but primarily because of the method he used for the launch. Newspapers reported that Williams:

"beamed his 90 minute performance into 27 cinemas and nightclub venues via HDTV with surround sound in 11 countries. More than 100,000 mobile phone users also watched a live stream of the concert for the first time."

I do not follow the music industry on a daily basis - although I can should someone want to pay my consulting fees -- but I have to believe Robbie's "high-tech launch" of this album was a historic first. This is interesting from two different perspectives:

1.) Free downloading/file sharing software continues to proliferate and the entertainment industry increases its litigation activities to protect Intellectual Property. Perhaps Robbie offers a new model for both parties to consider?


2.) Robbie's use of technology offers some interesting lessons to the political campaign business. This combined use of "public venues" and "personal mobile phones/Blackberries perhaps" to reach pre-occupied voters who are not willing to attend the traditional campaign rally down at the city square.

I plan to study these potential applications more but first I have to buy Robbie's new album since Intellectual Property must be respected.

Let me entertain you.....................



Tommy G said...

"I do not follow the music industry on a daily basis - although I can should someone want to pay my consulting fees"

Terrific line, and I really hope it yields fruit for you!

Anonymous said...

Todd- Who knew you'd actually understand the appeal and complexity of Brit Pop Rock. I love Robbie and glad he inspired this entry...