Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You spin me 'round

Dead or Alive, no not the song by Bon Jovi (more later) but another musical act from the 80's -- "Dead or Alive" -- with their song, "You spin me 'round like a record (like a record)" , http://www.80smusiclyrics.com/artists/deadoralive.htm , was always a favorite of mine back when I actually danced in the university dance clubs after consuming some "confidence" brought to us by Trappist Monks.

Despite my efforts to promote this song at nearly every party at my fraternity it never appeared on the music rating charts around the world -- sad I know. I was reminded of this song while reviewing the "Top Ten Selling Albums" feature in the International Herard Tribune this week which covered the following markets:

Britain, France, Spain, United States, and "Top British Music Downloads" from roughly October 1 through 9th

What I want to highlight for my readers are the musical acts which appeared on at least two of these five (5) rating markets charts thus exhibiting diverse consumer market penetration. The top acts included:

Franz Ferdinand
Kanye West
The Corrs
Bon Jovi -- yea, keep the 80's alive baby!!!
Sean Paul

I have to note that no single performer achieved a #1 rating on more than one chart so here are the five (5) #1 chart leaders from this time period:

Franz Ferdinand -- Britain
Julien Clerc -- France
Operacion Triunto -- Spain
Gretchen Wilson -- U.S.A.
Sugarbabes -- British music downloads

An interesting collection of talent here with several I have not been exposed to yet so hopefully I will post some reviews in the future. The other issue raised here is intellectual property protection for music downloads and some explanation of how the download quantities were calculated which the IHT chart does not explain at all which presents another issue to explain for future postings -- your insights are welcome.

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Tommy G said...

It's also well worth checking out Adam Sandler's rendition of the Dead or Alive classic in The Wedding Singer.

Great start to the blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Is that a picture of you from your KIDA days?