Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy 2006

Since it is already January 11, 2006 I am compelled to summarize my New Year's Eve activities before they become too dated. Overall I don't need to have a calendar to tell me when it is a new year since I am reminded every year by the huge influx of new/returning members to every health club I have ever belong to over the years. The year 2006 is no exception in fact I am reminded of being at the gym just after New Year's Eve. I was warming up on one of the bikes and noticed a VERY large example of steroid use and protein power overdose ( a man) riding the bicycle next to me reading his copy of People magazine -- now that is not a site I see everyday :)

Historically I have not been a big celebrant of New Year's Eve activities but this year was very active for me and my girlfriend with five (5) different events on our social calendar:

1.) BoDeans -- we enjoyed seeing this very fun rock/house band that we both like. The BoDeans are out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and were playing at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis. The BoDeans have a core group of fans and every time I hear them I am reminded of how much I loved the 80's and university/fraternity life!! Advice -- if you have a stressful day at work go buy a BoDeans CD or dowload a song to your Ipod.

2.) Buca -- for New Year's Eve we had dinner at this great Italian restaurant in St. Paul with a group of my girlfriend's friends. Our group had the kitchen/chef's table so the staff stopped by to talk with us throughout the evening.

3.) Sports Tournament -- following dinner our group met with another group of friends at their home near White Bear Lake, Minnesota. The format for the evening was the creation of boy/girl teams created by lottery to compete for a trophy based on the tournament of -- foosball, darts, and ping pong. As the only non-drinker in the room I clearly should have been the score keeper since somehow my team ended up in 3rd place. For 2007 I plan to train for this event to win at all costs!!!!!!!! :)

4.) Brunch -- then on New Year's Day we had brunch at "Chez Girlfriend" with family and friends to celebrate the birthday of my girlfriend's mother. Overall a very fun crowd with several young, active children which added a nice energy to the room. While it was not an official restaurant I would have to rate the meal with a "5" of course especially since I did not cook any of it :)

5.) Lobster -- as a conclusion to the New Year's weekend we attended a "lobster boil" hosted by our French-Canadien neighbors. While I did not need it I did eat two lobsters but more importantly I had some escargot for the first time. I will have to admit it was much better than I would have ever guessed so go try something new this week to get your year started on a fresh note!!

Given the friends, family, activities, and the girlfriend I have 2006 has great potential for me personally. I wish you good health and great opportunities for the year.

Enjoy everyday not just new year's,


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jdsqrd said...

Concur with the props for Buca di Beppo. Our tradition of eating there on x-mas eve was thwarted this year when we found that the Buca in Des Moines closed in October of this year. ):