Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hi Mom!!

This weekend is one of the darkest times in sports since it is a "football-free" weekend because all the college bowl games are completed and the Super Bowl won't be held until February 5, 2006. However, since I love nearly all sports (okay, I could NOT sit through an entire match of "net ball" which is played by women in many parts of the former British Empire) I attended a lacrosse match today to see our Minnesota Swarm,, lose by a score of 9 to 10 to the Rochester, NY Knighthawks, as a football substitute.

Perhaps I am biased but I believe that football players, more than all other atheletes, make the comment, "Hi Mom!!", when they are featured on TV. I am reminded of this phenomenon today since it is my dear mother's birthday. So beyond my best wishes to my mother on her special day I want to encourage my blog visitors to reach out to their parents more frequently if you haven't do so for quite some time. If you travel -- send them a post card from all the cities you visit.

Let me thank the mothers and mothers-to-be in the world for all you do. Our lives would truly be colorless without your encouragement and love along the way.

May you always be 29,


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