Friday, January 20, 2006

The Personal Trainer will see you now

Due to several factors I am evolving into a morning person so today I was up early to visit my local gym. The "New Years Resolutions crowd" is still visiting but the numbers should be back down to normal levels by March based on historic trends. While working my way around the weight lifting stations I had to alter my usual routine a few times due to rather overweight people "resting" between their sets. Some free gym advice -- good health requires you to MOVE your carcass!! Do not sit on the machine until your biceps have recovered from a set of curls so you can complete another set -- move yourself to the tricep extension machine right after you complete curls so you continue burning calories.

I am not being evil here just offering an observation to improve efficiency and health since this morning I was able to complete 4 different weight exercises BEFORE this rather obese woman moved from the leg press machine which I had wanted to use but she was "resting". Then while I was stretching (if your gym doesn't have a PreCor stretch bench - ask them to purchase one since it is a great piece of equipment) I watched two personal trainers talking which got me thinking about the health care industry, gyms, obesity statistics/lawsuits, etc.

Regardless of what doctor, hospital, or clinic I have visited over the years in the various cities I have lived in I have never seen (though I admit I was not actively looking at the time but look for yourself on your next visit) ANY focus on exercise -- what I am suggesting here is a fantastic free market health care reform. It seems that it would be ideal for the health care community and the fitness club industry to explore ways to work together in a very integrated manner. Following are some initial partnering ideas on this subject:

  • Fitness clubs and hospitals should co-locate in the same buildings. This seems like an ideal scenario for physical therapy needs.
  • Doctors should become marketing/sales agents for local health clubs working on a commission basis. The pharma industry sales representatives constantly take doctors' office staff out to lunch to show them new drug products but what are the health clubs doing with doctors?

Given rising health care costs and the aging population in the USA we need to generate revolutionary solutions that include the profit motive such as a fitness club co-locating in a building with a doctors' clinic/hospital to begin offering a more holistic approach to health care solutions.

Do some crunches,


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Ok, So I'm still on Wednsday... But we will keep those "irregular traffic lane changes" in mind with respect to your designated driver offer for Saturday night!!!!!
(excessive exclamation points used as imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!!!!!!:))