Monday, January 30, 2006

Moises Lopez

During my college years in the 80's at Iowa State University campus political life was mostly dominated by:

  • Cold War politics such as the Sandinistas/Contras in Nicaragua
  • and
  • Social causes/awareness campaigns

I had a flashback to these great college years last week after reading two short news clips provided by the Associated Press (AP). The great debate (from 1917 to 1991 essentially) was focused on which political economic model was best for mankind -- 1.) Marxist-Leninist Communism/planned economy or 2.) Capitalism/free markets/consumer marketplace economics. Fortunately, at a relatively minimal loss of human life during this Cold War, free market economics won the debate thus providing greater wealth and health for nearly a majority of today's world population.

The sad reality is that several nations had to endure communism first before moving to free markets such as Nicauragua under the mis-guided leadership of the Sandinistas' President Ortega. Based on the death of Moises Lopez last week at the very tender age of three (3) months old the Nicaraguan economy is still clearly in need of even greater labor market reforms. Sadly, Moises Lopez died in Managua, Nicaragua from "pneumonia and a lack of medical attention during a doctors' strike." (Source: AP) This strike was conducted by 2,000 public health doctors who refused to even provide emergency care in their quest for higher salaries. While I have always supported the right of workers to organize into trade unions this is a clear example of how such economic models can actually kill people such as Moises.

A better model for Nicaraguan politicians and medical professionals to consider is the free market solution (AP -- "Bono unveils AIDS effort") known as "RED", a brand name launched by U2's lead singer and foreign aid reformer, Bono, to raise funds to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa via the "Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria". Consumers simply need to continue pursuing their selfish interests via their American Express charge cards buying t-shirts, sport shoes, sunglasses, etc. bearing the "RED" brand name to have a percentage of the money spent sent to the Global Fund.

Moises Lopez will never get to hear the music of U2 due to the Nicaraguan public health doctors' strike so I hope Bono promotes "RED" via a U2 concert in Managua.

Via con dios Moises,



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