Thursday, January 26, 2006

University of North Florida -- basketball

Back in November 2005 I created a post entitled, "#334" , which discussed the computer rating system for American college basketball teams which listed the University of North Florida in Jacksonville as dead last at #334 in the pre-season poll published in USA Today.

As a fan of any underdog I declared my allegiance to the Ospreys (second only to my alma mater, Iowa State University Cyclones, of course) and contacted the coaching staff after I finalized my post. I must say that the coaching staff and other college employees I communicated with as I searched for Osprey clothing were extremely friendly so I am happy to promote their team.

Per my pledge in my original post I am providing the following status report on the Ospreys' basketball team. At this point in the season the University of North Florida Ospreys,, have 5 wins and 13 losses (as of January 26, 2006) having recently defeated cross-town rivals, Jacksonville University, before a crowd of just over 3,000 people enjoying the SUNTRUST RIVER CITY RUMBLE.

Now with a 5 and 13 record my Ospreys are 15 wins short of being eligible for the NCAA tournament known as "March Madness" so their chances for 2006 are fading. Please do what you can to promote the team and watch their progress. I am confident we will see them with a higher Sagarin Power Rating in the 2006 pre-season poll this fall.

Hopefully I can organize a combination scuba trip/basketball game to Jacksonville for next season so let me know if you have any dive tips for this part of Florida.

Take only pictures -- leave only bubbles,


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San Dimas High School Football Rules!