Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Buy More Oil!!!

As the US Congress debates oil prices, windfall profits taxes, and energy conservation I can't help but advocate my own recommendation -- use as much oil as you can!!

Now this might sound like crazy public policy but it is built on a more solid foundation than most press releases coming out of Washington DC -- that foundation is the concept known as "scarcity". A basic economic concept that I hope you consider here because for at least since the US Oil Crisis of the 1970's we have been told the world is running out of oil yet Americans have not made any substantial gains on conserving oil or converting to alternatives so the solution I propose is to harness Economics 101 thinking by making oil truly scarce thus incentivizing inventors and investment capital into the search for alternatives. Personally I love the idea I read as a child in a "Popular Science" magazine which had a plan for automobiles made of aluminum bodies with ceramic engines thus reducing the weight of automobiles dramatically which of course would require less gasoline. Perhaps you have your own ideas you want to promote by posting a comment on this blog?

Since I don't see us using up all the world's oil anytime soon so here is an idea designed to reduce American oil consumption while benefitting taxpayers:


When I drive in downtown Minneapolis I often see the "City of Lakes" cars being driven by the city bureaucrats but why is this necessary? Let them utilize the city's bus systems or the precious light rail train then they can walk the rest of the way to where they need to go which will help in the "war on obesity" this nation's seems intent on waging.

The US federal government sells at least 35,000 vehicles each year via the General Services Administration (GSA - see below) so why not create a federal moratorium on government purchases/leases of vehicles? Why doesn't Congress enact such legislation versus the $100 tax rebate for oil prices recently considered?

How many vehicles does GSA Fleet sell, and when? GSA Fleet will sell approximately 35,000 vehicles this coming year. Most vehicles will be available between April–September, when a majority of our leases expire, but we conduct sales throughout the entire year.

Time to fill my tank,



Dave said...


My wife and I are beginning canoers. We live in Arizona, and have thought for years about canoeing in BWCA. We are planning on being in MN in late August and would like to canoe for a one day trip (4-5 hours total, round trip - not overnight). We will need to rent a canoe, and we will only do this once. Is there any particular lake or spot you would recommend? I received the Ely brochure, and it lists 40+ outfitters on a dozen different lakes.

Thanks for any help you can give us,

Todd said...


I lived in Phoenix for one year -- love hiking in AZ.

As for canoeing in MN let me offer two options depending if you like lake or river canoeing (or both):

BWCA -- go to www.ely.org for local insights. I recommend using Williams and Hall Outfitters located on Moose Lake just outside Ely, MN. You could paddle out on Moose but that is a motorized lake which I don't like at all - I am a purist!! For more quiet option have Williams and Hall shuttle you to the "Lake One" put in but I don't know how they would coordinate that for such a such journey. Assuming you fly to the Twin Cities then drive to Ely (nearly another 5 hours) that is a huge trip to make for just 4 to 5 hours of canoeing.

River -- a very easy option for you is to fly into the Twin Cities then drive to Grantsburg, WI which is just over 1 hour northeast of the Cities. Use Wild River Outfitters for a day trip of a length you want -- 2 to 8 hours I believe. Wild River is a nice outfitter where you can also rent all you need. They shuttle you up river in their van (70's motif!!) then you paddle down the beautiful Upper St. Croix River until you see the high bridge (can't miss it trust me) then paddle to the left shore, facing downstream of course, where you can wait for Wild River to pick you up or walk the 1/4 mile to their store.

Have a great time and contact me as needed.