Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Simple Pleasures

Let it be known that I listen to my blog readership which has encouraged me to write about some "lighter topics" beyond how evil governments are, how corrupt the United Nations is, and how bad the customer service can be in Europe :)

So today's posting is just fluff since it is merely a list of simple pleasures that I enjoy in my personal life. My list follows below but of course I would love to hear your own personal items:

  • Jogging with my iPod
  • Eating pizza with friends
  • Taking a nap on my couch
  • Sleeping with ear plugs and an eye shade
  • Watching "24" with my girlfriend
  • Breakfast on my patio during the "6 magical weeks of beautiful weather" in Minnesota
  • Eating my mother's "bing cherry bars"
  • Riding my bicycle to the gym to lift weights
  • Canoeing back to my campsite to read a book
  • Enjoying the silence and isolation provided by scuba diving
  • Posting on my blog/personal newspaper

Undoubtedly I have overlooked some simple pleasures but that is the beauty of free thought and the freedom to change one's life. Of course I must highlight the "common link" these simple pleasures share -- NONE OF THEM ARE CREATED BY OR ARE DEPENDENT ON GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS!!! -- although I am certain the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would love to analyze the fat content of my mother's bing cherry bars. Thus I am forced to eat the entire batch once she has baked them to avoid house-by-house inspections by FDA storm troopers.

So much for the "lighter topics" :-)

Enjoy your choices,


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