Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Watch More Dora

Since I am an ubersexual (as defined by Men’s Heath magazine) I am confident enough to admit it – yes I enjoy watching Dora the Explorer with my nieces! There I said it and having said it I am fully convinced that more Americans need to watch this TV program.

Dora is not only entertaining but very educational since it teaches children to explore their world using a crazy tool known as a “map.” Apparently a map is indeed a crazy concept to Americans ages 8 to 24 since a full 63% of them are unable to find Iraq on a world map despite the billions of American tax dollars be spent there – I don’t know which is a bigger waste of money – the war in Iraq or our public school system??

This survey was conducted by the National Geographic society (a special thank you to my parents for subscribing to this publication throughout my childhood) via their new five year geographic literacy campaign which is found at - http://www.mywonderfulworld.org/

Results like this simply reinforce the American stereotypes I experience in my world travels such as the stand up comedian I heard when I was living in London, UK in 2004 who posed the eternal question --

Q: Why do Americans go to war?

A: So they have a reason to find countries on a map!

Time for school choice,


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