Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Creative Indeed

Last night my girlfriend hosted me at Cirque du Soleil's (CDS) "Delirium" show at the Xcel Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. This show is described as focused on:

When the idea of a show centered upon Cirque du Soleil music came to Guy Lalibert√É©, he immediately thought 'urban tribal beat'. Those three words have inspired each member of the creative team. 'Urban' reflects the society in which we live: modern, chaotic and everevolving.

This was my first experience with a CDS show despite the fact that a fraternity brother worked for them for several years in Las Vegas. Overall Delirium was a fantastic show which combined music, costumes, acrobatics, and high level visual effects into a very entertaining package. I was most impressed by the malegymnastss who presented a clear argument for the importance of Physical Education classes in the American school system -- really some incredible athletes. However, equally entertaining was the pre-show warm up singer known as "Nitza". She has a very powerful voice coupled with a solid stage presence.

One visual effect I nearly missed was the projected "velvet stage curtain" (like you would see in front of a theatre's stage) that created the image of an opened, dark red curtain on the platform Delirium's performers were on.

Based on the crowd's reaction this show was very well received and clearly showed why Delirium is the number one concert in the USA today.

Watch the balloon,


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the girlfriend said...

As the fore mentioned girlfriend, I would like to add that this show was amazing and very stimulating. We walked out there exhausted and we were only watching. They are truly amazing people and I encourage everyone to see it!