Saturday, September 30, 2006

Conservative Women Needed

Whether Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) campaigns for the Office of US President in 2008 or is simply coronated by a "village" does not make me lose any sleep -- but don't misunderstand me, I plan to help wherever I can to prevent her from being sworn in at the 44th president of the USA. No, this is not a sexist outburst but rather a love of freedom and limited government sending out an alarm. I am completely in favor of a woman as president but I want a female president armed with a political worldview that matches mine -- a woman who would veto enough legislation to cut government in half before she leaves office!!! Do any readers out there know of any such candidate I could help??

More immediately -- November 7th/Election Day -- is only 6 weeks away meaning in 6 weeks New York State voters will send HRC back to the US Senate for another 6 years unless of course she resigns her seat to be sworn in as President in January 2009 -- I can't believe I just typed that phrase!!! :)

In the interim let me encourage you to watch HRC closely starting with the list below of the ten largest financial contributors to her 2006 US Senate re-election campaign. Please allow me to summarize this list a bit for you via this tally count:

Top 10 contributors to HRC by type of industry/entity:

Financial services company -- 7
Law -- 1
Media -- 1
Manufacturing -- 1

Granted, the Wall Street/stock market community is based in New York City so it is natural they would support HRC since they are interested in having a New York senator advocating for them in Washington DC. But it is fair to say that HRC's campaign lacks "VARIETY" in her financial base so perhaps she needs to complete some "DIVERSITY TRAINING" :0)

Please join me in working against HRC's village idiots who will walk door to door promoting her candidacy.

Thanks, Todd

Top 10 Contributors to Hillary Clinton's 2006 Senate Race

This list of the top donors to Hillary ClintonÂ’s 2006 re-election campaign, compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics and made available on the organizationÂ’s website, , is based on the most recent Federal Election Commission data available.

10. Ernst & Young: $73,7751285 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10019212-773-3000

9. New York Life Insurance: $86,00051 Madison AvenueSuite 3200New York, NY 10010212-576-7000

8. International Profit Associates: $88,4001250 Barclay BlvdBuffalo Grove, IL 60089847-808-5590

7. Skadden, Arps et al: $90,030Four Times SquareNew York, NY 10036212-735-3000

6. Time Warner: $104,960One Time Warner CenterNew York, NY 10019212-484-8000

5. Morgan Stanley: $105,8101585 Broadway New York, NY 10036 212-761-4000

4. Corning, Inc.: $133,400One Riverfront PlazaCorning, NY 14831607-974-9000

3. Citigroup, Inc.: $141,000399 Park AvenueNew York, NY 10043800-285-3000

2. Metropolitan Life: $154,100One MetLife Plaza27-01 Queens Plaza N.Long Island City, NY 11101212-578-2211

1. Goldman Sachs: $168,29085 Broad StreetNew York, NY 10004212-902-1000


butterflybutterfly said...

I am not a conservative woman.

I may be slightly anachronistic - but I cannot think of anybody who would think me conservative.

So, here's an fyi for you:

We progressive/liberal/tree-hugging self-thinkers don't vote for Hilary because, though she'd have a good chance of getting voted in for President and thus be the first female president, she's too wishy-washy pseudo-yes-man comprimising.

And thus, by not rocking the boat, she votes away our support for her.

If she stood her ground, then we'd support her. But she doesn't, sadly enough.

Anonymous said...

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