Monday, September 25, 2006

Two Weeks and Counting

Imagine if you were driving a Ford automobile but needed a new gas tank. So you gave Ford all the specifics on your vehicle -- model, year, etc. -- so you could get the right gas tank so you had the power supply needed to get you where you need to go but for some unknown reason Ford sent you two (2) incorrect gas tanks which did not fit your car. Not only would it be frustrating but depending on your job it could harm you economically.

This near-analogy is the two weeks and counting struggle I have held with Dell Computer since I requested a new "power cord, AC adapter for my Dell Latitude D505 lap top..........." complete with the product numbers/family group, etc. as noted on my current power cord -- I wanted to be exact so I got the right part of course!! After sending me the wrong adapter twice (!!!!) Dell still has not met my consumer needs despite my numerous telephone calls and email correspondence with them. No one I have talked with has given me any confidence that a solution will be found. As a globalist/free trader I am most concerned that the customer service representatives I have talked with are clearly Indian -- the poster child for "corporate outsourcing of jobs" -- this pains me because I support outsourcing as good economics but perhaps Dell should consider outsourcing to Rural America where I grew up -- -- a little competition for the Dell workers in India might be exactly what they need!!!!

Fortunately my current power cord is working but what if it did not work -- my small business would be essentially out of business since be online allows me to provide consulting services no matter where I am located. If Dell does not want to be in this parts business then PLEASE give us some options -- I would love to drive over to my nearby Best Buy to simply purchase a Dell adapter but that is not possible.

If readers have had similar experiences or have advice for me I am ready and willing to hear from you.

Online for now but very nervous,


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jdsqrd said...

Your plight is obviously due to a lack of government regulation and oversight of the power adapter industry.