Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Guest Blogger

Dear Readers:

Via my blog I am able to function like a small town newspaper publisher/editor by deciding which guest opinion-editorials ("op-eds") get published so today I offer readers my first guest blogger's comments.

To be completely honest -- my racquetball buddy, Tom A., sent the following note to me as an "idea" I should blog on but when I read it I thought he was more articulate than I could be on the subject given his more comprehensive knowledge of American football having played in the National Football league. Tom's blog posting (see below, complete with my edits in italics - I did not get his permission but trust he will enjoy being "published" or I will be apologizing at the next racquetball dinner -- either way Tom benefits!! ) is focused on American college football but particularly the University of Minnesota Gophers' football program.

I hope you enjoy this new feature on Space Beagle Notes. Your submissions for publication or writing ideas are always welcome.

Enjoy, Todd


On Saturday (September 9, 2006) I watched Cal (University of California) beat the (Minnesota/MN) Gophers and #2 OSU (Ohio State University) beat #1 rated Texas.

What struck me is:

1) four Gopher starters are from Columbus, Ohio and

2) one of OSU's top players is from Wayzata (Minnesota).

Can the Gophers expect to be Big Ten (Conference) contenders when they can only attract OSU cast offs and lose the top native talent to OSU?

Is it time for MN to join D2 (Division II football in the NCAA/National Collegiate Athletic Association) ?

Why does MN have the lowest number of four year graduates (39%) in the Big Ten?

Why can MN only graduate two student athletes in football, basketball, and hockey in the last five years?

How can MN expect taxpayers to chip in to build a "Great University" when the U (University of Minnesota) can't even be an average university?

Is it time to drop intercollegiate sports at the U of MN a la the University of Chicago?

Tom A.

EDITOR'S NOTE: With Minnesota being my adopted state I prefer that the University of Minnesota continue playing at the Division One level of the NCAA but on a purely selfish note that would enhance player recruitment for both teams due to geographic reasons I call on the University of Minnesota and Iowa State University, www.cyclones.com, football programs to play each other. There is no need for my Cyclones to play the University of Toledo as a home game -- go play in Toledo if you want to recruit Ohio football players.

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jdsqrd said...

"Correct me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they'll lock me up and throw away the key."

"Not golfers, you great fool. Gophers. The little brown, furry rodents."

"We can do that. We don't even need a reason."