Monday, September 18, 2006

Mass Entertainment

Today's posting is completely dominated by talk of sports and films -- no politics from me since I am not a one dimensional creature!!


Based on the blaring automobile horns I heard outside my window in Brussels this weekend there must have been a football (soccer) victory for some local fans but my sport is American college football so here is a review of my two favorite teams --

Iowa State University -- my alma mater Cyclones unfortunately lost to our cross-state rival, the University of Iowa Hawkeyes by a score of 27 to 17. Iowa is ranked #14 in the nation so that helps ease the pain since they clearly have a good team but I say "Huck the Fawks" anyway!! :-)

Butler University -- my adopted Bulldogs (the ultimate underdog team given their team name and because the Sagarin ratings named them dead last for this season's pre-season rankings) lost to the Robert Morris Colonials by a score of 35 to 14 so the Bulldogs drop to a 1 and 2 season record so far. Come on Dogs!!!


Given the power cord problems with my lap top (see my "Dell" posting here if interested -- I talked to them again today and after about an hour on the phone they reassured me again they are sending a new cord -- really poor service) last week I saw several films at night in Brussels instead of working late at the office so here is my grand review --

"The Sentinel" -- with Keifer Sutherland (great star of "24") . Classic brain candy action flick but would not make my short list of films to watch a second time. Story line is terrorists, the war on drugs, the KGB, and an assassination attempt on the President of the USA.

"Miami Vice" -- I was assuming too much thinking this film would actually be set in the 1980's but it was set in present day with a LOT of electronic gadgets and very fast boats. The war on drugs is the central theme.

"The Wind that Shakes the Barley" -- best quote from this film: "Ireland is a priest-infested backwater" . Story line is focused on Ireland's attempts to break from the British Empire in the 1916 to 1920 time frame. Overall I thought this was a very good film that reminded me how bad centralized empires really are and why city-states should be on the rise again.

"Friends with Money" -- starring Jennifer Aniston as a maid/former teacher who has rich friends hence the title. Overall this film had several one liners that really made me laugh but it wasn't that good of a film overall since it lacked some character development and the pace was off a bit but there was enough brain candy to make me smile

Enjoy some Whoppers,


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