Wednesday, September 20, 2006


As personal friends and regular Space Beagle readers know I love the game of American football AND limited government/personal responsibility so a very tiny news article caught my attention since these two issues were intertwined in the article.

First the good news --- a National Football League team announced this week that for the first time since the team was founded in 1967 "every available seat is owned by a season-ticket holder". In other words, this team's entire regular season home schedule is sold out!!

So who is this team and where do they play these home games?

None other than the New Orleans Saints who play in the Superdome!!

This is amazing timing since the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina flattening New Orleans was held recently. This is the same New Orleans where federal tax slaves like myself have apparently not spent enough via FEMA recovery funds or charity contributions (yes, I did make a few contributions to help the cause so I am no heartless bastard here).

Granted, perhaps a little entertainment like NFL football games is some helpful therapy for the hurricane victims but please don't tell me we have not done enough -- if something completely non-essential for human survival like football tickets (which are not "food, clothing, and shelter") can sell out for this season, just one year after the hurricane then clearly the economy is on the road to recovery, perhaps fueled by FEMA's ATM cards being used to purchase Saints' tickets??!! I am curious if this happened and am happy to be corrected/enlightened if anyone has local insights. All political commentary aside we really should be encouraged by this great news coming from the New Orleans Saints. I would love to see Anderson Cooper or Soledad O'Brien of CNN reporting live from a home Saints game this year --

It is an interesting quirk in our calendars that American football's season overlaps with the hurrican season isn't it ? :-)

Go Aints!!!


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