Monday, October 09, 2006

Clones, Vikes, and Dogs

Upon my return from a conference in Milwaukee Saturday morning the rest of the weekend was dominated by watching football games in Iowa and Minnesota:

  • Iowa State University -- I drove to Ames, Iowa to watch my Cyclones play the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. The old joke goes, "what does the 'N' on Nebraska's helmets stand for? Punch line -- 'Nowledge' !!!!!" But on Saturday the 'N' stood for "No offense" from the Cyclones since they lost by 28 to 14. It was an uneventful game which clearly showed the Cyclones are not ready for prime time this year given their clear lack of urgency on the field. The team needs to develop some "killer instinct" like an old coach used to teach us. The Cyclones' record is now at 3 and 3 so the chances of playing in a post-season bowl game are fading.
  • Minnesota Vikings -- After a late night return from Ames, Iowa I then went to the Vikings vs. Detroit Lions game with my fiancee which was held at the Metrodome in Minneapolis . The Vikings won the game via a late game offensive flourish with the final score being 26 to 17 over the basement-dwelling Lions. I don't see any way the Vikings can make it to the Super Bowl this season given this lackluster performance against a poor team. Skol Vikings honor your name!!!

Although I did not see them play in person here is my report on my underdog favorite team (according to the Sagarin power ratings) -- the Butler University Bulldogs -- which lost to the University of San Diego by a score of 56 to 3 leaving them with a season record so far of 2 wins and 4 losses.


Anonymous said...

what game were you at. All touchdowns scored by defense!

Todd said...

Hey -- you are right I meat to say "defensive flourish" -- The Vikings' offense is really stagnant. Imagine if the defensive unit outscores the offensive unit this season - has that ever happened to a team?