Monday, October 30, 2006

Trick or Treat

October 31st is the "Halloween" holiday in the USA although I have seen evidence via my business travel of this American tradition spreading into Europe at least. The primary element of Halloween of course is children dressed in costumes walking the neighborhood in pursuit of candy treats.

At my age my trick or treating days are long gone but I have a very clear memory from my elementary school days of the "Trick or Treat for UNICEF" campaign which originally started in 1950:

The idea here is to have children collect money for UNICEF programs via little orange collection boxes. Given my young age and naivete at the time I walked the streets collecting coins for this arm of the United Nations along with my fellow public school prisoners (no school choice back then!!) much like a county prison chain gang walking the ditches to collect garbage.

Okay, readers might think I am over-reacting a bit but don't we always hear from the United Nations/global poverty community that we need to eliminate child labor across the world? So it is wrong for an 11 year old child to build Nike basketball shoes in Vietnam FOR AN HOURLY WAGE but an 11 old in the State of Iowa, USA walking his neighborhood in the dark FOR ZERO MONETARY COMPENSATION to collect coins for a bunch of United Nations bureaucrats is social justice I guess since the world's poor are helped by the great works of UNICEF?

Yes, it has been 30 years or so since I was a street walker for UNICEF but their brain washing program failed with me since I am on a personal campaign to work against them. If child labor is bad for humanity then surely exploiting UNICEF zombies to collect coins for bureaucrats is even worse. Let me ask my readers to call on the US Congress to zero fund the United Nations and all its affiliates today. There are better alternatives to the United Nations so let us add them to the funeral pyre with the League of Nations.

If any of my readers are pro-UN here is an essential question you should ask yourself as you consider joining my intellectual camp:

Who the hell wrote this excerpt found on the UNICEF website?:

"UNICEF is supported entirely by voluntary funds. Governments contribute two thirds of our resources; private groups and some 6 million individuals contribute the rest through our National Committees."

KEY POINT -- Since 66% of UNICEFs budget comes from governments which REQUIRE us tax slaves to pay taxes to them then UNICEF is NOT "supported entirely by voluntary funds." Does anyone at UNICEF own a dictionary so they can look up the word 'voluntary'?

Let us have an honest, transparent debate regarding UNICEF's job performance and its funding with a series of US congressional hearings perhaps supported by the work of my friends at Citizens Against Government Waste,




jdsqrd said...

Is it true your little cardboard coin containers were collected at town square by jack-booted thugs in a black helicopter?

Todd said...

Give me a solid example of how UNICEF has done more than private employers who CREATE JOBS to better the quality of life for the world's children and I am willing to revisit my negative comments about their child slavery program known as "Trick or Treat for UNICEF".

Throw me a bone to chew on, todd