Saturday, October 07, 2006

Corn Please Not Cheese

While reading the sports page today I noticed a short article that noted the National Football League's Kansas City Chiefs exercised their option to continue their training camps at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for the 17th consecutive season during the summer of 2007. The General Manager of the Chiefs, Carl Peterson, loves the River Falls location for several reasons:

-the summer weather is better in Wisconsin than in Missouri
-the River Falls stadium has undergone $2.4 million in recent renovations
-the River Falls location is a short drive to Mankato, Minnesota where the Minnesota Vikings host their training camp thus allowing the Chiefs and Vikings to scrimmage each other

Now as a former Chiefs season ticket holder, current Vikings fan, and a loyal alum of Iowa State University (ISU) let me call on ISU's,, athletic department to pursue the Chiefs training camp for summer 2008 for the following reasons:

  • Ames, Iowa (home of ISU) is an ideal college town like River Falls
  • Ames is located nearer to Kansas City than River Falls thus allowing Chiefs' fans better access to training camp
  • Ames, Iowa is a short drive from Mankato, Minnesota so the Chiefs and Vikings could continue their scrimmage games
  • ISU has launched a capital campaign to improve Jack Trice Stadium so this project should be highlighted for the Chiefs.
  • The State of Iowa does not have any major league sports teams having lost its only near-major team -- the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League -- several years ago.

The Chiefs' contact details are provided below so my fellow alums and the ISU athletic department can launch the campaign to recruit the Chiefs to the "Corn League" since watching football is better than walking beans :)

Kansas City Chiefs

One Arrowhead Drive

Kansas City, MO 64129


Go (to Ames) Chiefs!!


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