Friday, October 27, 2006

Librarian for 2008

Once the USA's election results are completed on November 7th -- I am optimistic we can count all the ballots that day!! -- the speculation regarding who will and who will not run for President of the United States will intensify dramatically.

Given her popularity across the country, her charming personality, her international ambassador experience, and her background in education I hope the Republican presidential candidates consider Laura Bush as their Vice Presidential running mate or at least for a Cabinet secretary position. Positioning Mrs. Bush for such national offices would provide a strategic wedge between Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Soccer and Security Moms across America. Additionally, Mrs. Bush has a "hottie factor" that Mrs. Clinton can not match which would appeal to the Maxim/FHM readers (young males) across America:

Soccer Moms and young males -- not that is a voting bloc that provides a winning coalition for 2008.

See you at the library,



Anonymous said...

Okay I am disturbed about the idea of Laura Bush as a hottie and will contemplate ways of getting that thought out of my head in a little bit. I do need to point out that, for the most part, Democrats are really not talking that seriously about Hillary running for President and certainly not Democrats who are looking for an effective White House (however effective that could possibly be in the current climate.) The people most talking about it are the ones who really want it to be so...The far right Republicans who know she can be beat.

The rest of us are hoping for someone who can truly be a "uniter not a divider."

Jury's still out on who that would be.

Holstein Girl

Anonymous said...

Hey TK,

Your fan base is spreading, it's made it to Holstein. Good for you!

Ida Grove man

jdsqrd said...

Everyone knows if you want a real hottie w/ presidential genes in the blood you need to look to the next generation.