Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Boomers and Sooners

While working in Oklahoma City this week I toured both the state capitol and the Oklahoma History Center ( which are located near each other. Unfortunately the history center and the capitol are not as integrated as they really should be to ease pedestrian travel between the two buildings. It is a short walk between the two entities but it requires you to play a game of "Frogger" to get from building to building as you dodge traffic. I really enjoyed both buildings but spending some money (private donations of course!!) on enhancing the landscaping and perhaps adding some pedestrian-only walk ways/bridges would REALLY enhance the tourist experience.

My tour of the history center was too brief but the display of the World War II prison camps that were located in Oklahoma was very interesting. As for the capitol let me say that Mr. Banks at the Information/Tours Desk is one of the nicest gentlemen out there today. He provided me with a personal tour of the capitol to accommodate my schedule which was much appreciated and of course was very informative. The artwork (portraits and murals) that fills the capitol is well worth your time should you get a chance to visit. I was most struck to learn that a major portion of the Oklahoma capitol was constructed via private sector donations with the corporate/family names of donors incorporated into the interior capitol dome's architecture -- thus providing these entities with near-permanent recognition of their support.

Oklahoma City is a city blessed with quality customer service which I have experienced everywhere I have gone this week. I have found this very encouraging since poor customer service is one of my biggest pet peeves.

I look forward to my future trip to Oklahoma City later this month.


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