Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chinese Cooperation

Today's Financial Times newspaper contained a very short article entitled, "Taiwan Eyes Rich Migrants", which focused on the fact that Taiwan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Population forecasters predict that Taiwan's population of 23 million is likely to shrink overall despite a rise in immigration.

Personally I can't see a group of "rich migrants" that Taiwan recruits providing enough population to stop the overall population decline that is predicted for Taiwan. Given these population trends, Taiwan's population goals, and the assumption (mine) that rich migrants probably don't want to raise several children since they are likely focused on their careers (which made them rich) or they are simply older than child bearing years perhaps Taiwan should consider another option?

Chinese adoptions!

Since thousands of Americans are seeking to adopt Chinese children perhaps China and Taiwan could work together -- a better option than Red China bombing Taiwan which they view as a break away province of Mainland China -- to have Mainland China's children adopted by Taiwanese couples. Yet another option is for American couples and/or the Taiwanese to adopt the unwanted daughters of India which I wrote about in the posting, "Value of Life", on this blog.

Given children a chance,


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