Monday, March 19, 2007

Value of Life

In February this year a mass grave was discovered near Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh in India containing hundreds of corpses of female newborns. This mass grave was located in the backyard of a Christian missionary hospital. (SOURCE: "The Week" magazine, 24 February 2007).
Apparently Indian cultural pressures cause the abortion of unborn girls since they represent a financial drain on their parents. Yet this same culture (Hindu religious teachings) considers cows to be sacred animals --
This website provides four reasons why cows are considered sacred by Hindus but this specific reason caught my attention --
"Reincarnation - belief in reincarnation implies that souls are reborn as other beings. Most commonly, humans are considered the highest level of incarnation. But gods have been known to incarnate as animals (the Buddha is said to have taken the form of a rabbit, cat, etc., and many Hindu gods and goddesses have taken cow forms), and that tradition of considering every being as infused with a soul and possible godly incarnation continues."
Imagine if you will that if this Hindu principle is correct then the people responsible for this genocide/mass grave of baby girls stand a very good chance of being reincarnated as baby girls in their next life. Such a possibility might make them think twice before they create their next mass grave. While I try to be consistent with my libertarian views when it comes to the world's cultures in terms of being open-minded I simply can not accept a belief system that places a higher value of life on cows versus for unborn children.
Perhaps the next Indian century will see the world differently.

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