Friday, March 23, 2007


While not a national holiday in the USA (yet?) today (22 March) is "World Water Day" which is promoted annually by the United Nations to highlight the reality that many of the world's citizens lack easy/reliable access to potable water.

Since food and water are essential for all humans to live perhaps it is time for all the international government entities (IGEs) to phase out all of their current programming to focus on one global goal until it is achieved -- develop the physical infrastructure and educational programming needed to provide the world's population with safe, clean, reliable WATER.

Here is an initial list of IGEs which should adopt this WATER focus:

United Nations
World Health Organization
World Bank
United Nations Development Bank
Inter-American Development Bank

So that is the idea -- devote all of these international resources to one and only one fundamental goal that is essential to human survival -- in this case the consumption of clean/safe water.

Once this goal is met we can expect a full range of positive impacts including:

1.) More women studying in schools since they won't be carrying water to their family's home
2.) Less disease/death
3.) Increased potential for crop irrigation thus improving food supplies
4.) Economic growth generated by the new job skills developed via building and maintaining the physical infrastructure needed to supply water.

I can't point to many successes the IGEs listed above have achieved -- can you? Given this fact/perception why don't we call on the world's leaders of this alphabet soup of bureaucracies to focus on this one goal -- WATER ?

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