Thursday, March 29, 2007

Majority Wants Reform

US Presidential candidate, John Edwards's central theme is that we live in a world of "two Americas" -- classic class warfare that paints the rich as evil and the poor as helpless -- thus requiring the government to "help" all of us.
Translation -- the government will "help" themselves to your wallet so they can "help" keep poor people dependent on government programs.
Since the primary tool that people like former US Senator Edwards lust after to achieve their agenda is the power to tax us into submission the need for tax reform is constant. However, there is clear evidence that the glass is half full in America!! I am highly encouraged by the results which follow below. The latest evidence comes from today's USA Today newspaper which featured one of their "Snapshots" entitled, "How should the US taxation system be changed?" The results of this reader polling were as follows --
(create a) Flat Tax -- 35%
Significant Reform -- 28%
National Retail Sales Tax -- 12%
Stay the same -- 12%
So if we add the percentages of people calling for reform of some kind (flat, reform, sales) it totals -- a full SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT (75%) -- who wants our current progressive ("fair") income tax system overhauled.
Are people like John Edwards listening or just pandering to voters by pitting "us vs. them" ? When 35% of readers respond (the highest percentage is this poll remember) that they prefer a simple, flat income tax versus what we have today that suggest that the "two Americas" theme died in the 1960's with President Johnson's "Great Society" social spending programs.
Flatten class warfare,

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